Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Robert's Snow- final snowflake

Once I got home from Monhegan, I decided to turn the scene into a sunset. Here's how it turned out:

Robert's Snow- snowflake in progress

A few weeks ago, My family spent a few days on Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine. I was late on my deadline for Lady Liberty (which I finally finished yesterday, which is why I'm finally getting around to posting something on my blog), and spent some of the time working. Here's what my makeshift studio looked like:
On the last day, I started working on my snowflake for Robert's Snow. I got up early, and set up my easel here:
It had been sunny all week, but as soon as I set up my easel, it started to pour. I was working in watercolor and gouache. As you might imagine, watercolor doesn't really work in the pouring rain. So I went back inside. After a little while, the rain stopped. I went back out, but decided to stay right on the deck, in case it started raining again.
I chose this view, looking across the water at Manana Island. I thought the branches of the two trees would work well with the shape of the snowflake. First I penciled it in:
This is what it looked like when it started to rain again:
I decided to finish it up at home.