Monday, July 2, 2007

Lady Liberty Illustration- Day Four

There, I think it's done. I'll keep it taped to the board for a while, just in case.


  1. Wonderful illustration! And thanks for posting the process...that's always fascinating to see. Can't wait to see the finished book.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Nice work!
    I have a question. You mention that you are painting on Arches hot press 300 lb paper. I can not tell from your photos what size your paintings are.
    Also what will the finished size page
    be compared to the original....and how do you decide that?
    D Mae

  3. I've been a big fan of your work for a while Matt. this piece looks awesome

  4. To answer D Mae's question- the original artwork is the same size as the book, about 10" x 12.5". I used to work bigger than the book, but found that some of the texture of the original was lost in translation when the image was reduced to fit the page. So now I always work at the same size as the book, and the final illustrations in the book tend to look more like the original. Thanks for your question!