Friday, March 11, 2011

Henry Aaron's Dream won a Kiddo Award!

Woohoo! Henry Aaron's Dream won a Kiddo Award! This new award was created by bestselling author James Patterson's organization, Read Kiddo Read, whose mission is to help make kids readers for life. The Kiddo Awards are meant to honor "the very best books of the year for getting kids absolutely addicted to reading". Henry Aaron's Dream was chosen as the winner of the transitional books category (books for ages 6 and up).

It is such an honor to win this award, knowing that it was voted on by so many people (nearly 5,000 in my category!)- including parents, librarians, teachers, and of course, kids! Thanks so much to everyone who voted, to James Patterson, and to Read Kiddo Read.

Read Kiddo Read put together this video which features the creators of the four award-winning books: Rick Riordan, author of The Lost Hero, which won the advanced readers category (for ages 10 and up), Lincoln Peirce, author of Big Nate: In a Class By Himself, which won the pageturners category (ages 8 and up), Eric Litwin and James Dean, creators of Pete the Cat, winner of the illustrated books category (ages 0 to 8), and myself.

 And here's the full 2-minute video I sent in:

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