Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'll never get tired of...

      ...walking into a school and seeing a bulletin board that looks like this:

It's pretty cool to think that anyone would take the time to decorate a bulletin board so they could count down the days until my visit. But the really great thing about this is that the papers you see are some of the essays written by students who won an essay contest the teachers held in anticipation of my visit.

I read all the essays (well not all the essays, just the ones on the bulletin board), and they were amazing. Some kids wrote their own sports stories, inspired by my baseball books. Here's a close-up of one essay that made my day:

The picture is a little fuzzy, so here are some quotes:

"This author made me like baseball and drawing. If I never heard his story I would not be interested to draw."

"When I was little Oliver's Game was my first book. I still have it."

"When I grow up I want to be an author like you. I make my own books myself. I want to draw just like you. Everybody in my class says I am a good drawer."

I'm sure there are kids who read my books and aren't too crazy about them. But every now and then I see something like this, and it's a wonderful thing to know that there are kids who read my books, and for whatever reason something clicks, and it makes them want to read more books, and make their own books.

Stuff like this gives me such a boost when I'm sitting here in my studio, working on the next one.

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